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A little bit more about us

Our Organic Veggies & Fruits

Entering the organic world has changed my perspective. It's to accept that we cannot have everything all the time. I used to try so hard to make us appear to people that we have everything just like the conventional supermarket, tried to make it as convenient as we can. But to accept reality, Organic is to accept nature as it is. We cannot have broccoli in summer and our salad leaves will look pretty small in the rainy season. We can't promise on the produce because by the time we will harvest the insects might destroy everything. But that is just how it is. But that doesn't mean we stop improving. We will keep moving forward along with nature. 

Our promise "ORGANIC ONLY"

We only source organic vegetables & fruits. We will not take even tiny bits of chemicals that some people may call it safety vegetables ( ผักปลอดภัย) because I believe that once it's there its there. We may not have a full list of vegetables in our store but I'm proud of what I do. I do inspect the farm before we start buying from them. Or if they farm away they must have IFOAM certificates. 

Other products in our store

Organic, Natural, Sustainable are the 3 words we use when sourcing. If it cannot be Organic it has to be the best options of that product like not adding extra chemicals into it, no INS whatever number it is , no addictives. And the most important that has to go along with that 3 words it has to be "Delicious".  

Want to Partner with us

We are just a small store we do not buy big amount in one time because we want to keep things as fresh as possible. If you are a farm and you think that you do agree with our concept. Please contact me. I would love to work with you and i would need to visit your farm, get to know you and be your friend. 


If you produce other products and you have met our 3 words Organic, Natural and sustainable. Please reach me. I'm excited to meet amazing people like u .   

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