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Golden Flaxseed Meal /Bob's 453G เมล็ดแฟลกซ์

Our Organic Golden Flaxseeds aren’t just a beautiful golden color—they’ll add a delightful nutty flavor and essential fatty acids to smoothies, baked goods cereal and more. Enjoy our golden flax seed whole, ground or even sprouted to add plant-based protein and fiber to your diet.

Golden Flaxseed Meal /Bob's 453G เมล็ดแฟลกซ์

  • Message from Bob

    Food is powerful. It breaks down walls and feeds the soul. We know it and we live it. We believe in good food for all.

    “My life’s purpose has been building and maintaining a company that provides healthy whole grain foods to folks around the world—and offers financial security to its employees.” —Bob

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