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Argan &Jojoba Baby Soap 110g ( Harmony Life )

Argan & Jojoba Baby Soap

Handmade soaps of Harmony Life’s a natural soap rich in vitamins that nourish your skin from olive oil high quality. To cleanse the skin of impurities and moisture. There have a olic contains a moisturizing properties to the skin, makes the skin soft and silky smooth.

Harmony Life’s Olive Oil Soap is free from chemical substances and inorganic oils, animal fats. No preservatives No chemical synthetic odor and color It does not cause an allergic reaction occurs.
Harmony Life Soap also uses raw materials from herbs that are grown in organic agriculture, chemical-free, and scent from natural essential oils. The manufacturing calling the “cool process” it not using high heat to boil, will get a vitamin-rich soap that takes care of the skin makes the skin soft, moisturized, radiant, does not make the skin wrinkle over time.

Properties (Sensitive, oily, and acne skin)
– There have anti-oxidants that Nourish your skin glowing and soft skin dryness.
– Helps reduce inflammation and fade scars.
– Helps to loosen pimples and remove impurities in pores.
– Helps repair cell deterioration to come back strong.
– Helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevents dry skin from moisture loss. There have the skin’s ability to retain moisture longer.

Use the shower 2 times – morning and evening to wash the dirt on the skin and also hair. Can be used to wash both the face and body.

* Caution *
Olive oil soap is soft and dissolves easily, so the product is stored in a place without standing water or placed in the basket after use.

Argan &Jojoba Baby Soap 110g ( Harmony Life )

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