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Rosemary & Charcoal Olive Soap 110g ( Harmony Life )

Rosemary & Charcoal Olive Soap

Rosemary is a unique flower. There has a delicate scent It has excellent anti-oxidant properties. There has properties to promote blood circulation, effective in preventing skin aging. Because it has the ability to sweat, it promotes metabolism. It’s makes the skin more radiant and hydrated. Rosemary also has antibacterial properties and helps with hair growth.

Charcoal (bamboo charcoal) has properties that help remove excess oil and dirt from the pores as well. Charcoal will help cleanse the skin and exfoliate the skin, making it smooth. Does not make the skin rough It also has a good deodorant and deodorant effect.

* Caution *
Olive oil soap is soft and dissolves easily, so the product is stored in a place without standing water or placed in the basket after use.

Rosemary & Charcoal Olive Soap 110g ( Harmony Life )

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