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Pesto by OC Kitchen ซอสเพสโต้

When basil is blooming so much in our farm we make Pesto!

Finest ingredients from OC Organic Shop

Freshly made Pesto by OC kitchen

Organic Basil

Organic Cashew nuts

Organic Garlic

Organic Extra-virgin olive oil

Himalayan pink salt 

Parmesan Cheese

Weight 170G = 210THB



  • Use as spread: just perfect
  • Use with spaghetti: Add salt, pepper & cheese to your taste
  • Use as dip/dressing: 1 Tbsp Pesto

+ 1 Tbsp sour cream + 1 Tbsp mayo

+ 1 Tbsp parmesan cheese

  • Create your own recipe follow your

with our fresh pesto ...enjoy


Pesto by OC Kitchen ซอสเพสโต้

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