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160L Aerobic Composting / Mugngai

Aerobic composting is decomposition of organic matter using microorganisms that require oxygen. Unlike anaerobic compost which is emit methane gas and unpleasant scent.
The key elements for aerobic compost are mateiral(fresh) food waste 
2.brown material(dried) leaf &  cow manure & 


Green matrial are those food waste, fresh leaf. Brown material are dry leaf, manure, husk, coco peat coffee ground and etc which are full of carbon personally i called the brown material as a dried matrial. 


Moisture is contain in our fresh food waste. However if there is too much moisture our compost would turn to soak and our compost process would turn to anaerobic process. The desired moisture level is around 20-30% like wet sponge not too dry or not too wet. 


To apply aerobic compost the key elements is to maintain your moisture and aeration. Using the brown material to absorb excess of food waste moisture to get the desired moisture. By turning the tumbler supporting the aeration and mixing dried material and wet material. 

If your compost get too much moisture there will be 3 symptoms
1. Unpleasant scent
2. Continuous dripping when you turn your tumbler
3. The compost inside become muddy
If you found theses symptom, add more dried matter to turn the copost process back to aerobic process. 

The location to suit your compost tumbler should be under the shade area. This is to prevent rain which may get into your tumbler thus turn your process to anaerobic. 

Our Mugngai compost tumbler have two side. Fill up side by side. Use 70-80% of each side. If your organic matter is too full in the bin, the matter would not get enough air while you turn. Switch to another side while leave the first side composting. Check your compost regulary if it get too soaky add more brown material. 


Heat is key performance indicator for  compost process. The temperature will usually get higher after a couple of days. However our compost is made by filling up every day so the temperature will varied. 

With the right condition your compost should be ready by 30-40days. The compost temperature will become normal. All the food waste are disappear. Dark colour and the smell like soil. 

Bring your compost out from the tumbler. Reduce the moisture under the sun or wind. Keep it for your plant or even use it as dried matrial. 

Enjoy composting😊😊😊😊

ถังใหญ่ความจุ 160L
สำหรับ 4-5ท่าน

160L Aerobic Composting / Mugngai

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